About Us

OVPCO - Oilfield Valve Parts Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company of China, the United States and Canada. The company is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. As a manufacturer and supplier of replacement parts for valves in oilfield industry, the company was built with a specific vision of supplying replacement parts to the industry at competitive prices while improving product quality, service, and delivery. Our belief that "quality and service cannot be compromised" has served us well.

Our commitment to customer service as well as our determination to provide superior high quality products has resulted in OVPCO establishing itself as a market for large and small companies alike, as well as other vendors, by utilizing a recognized quality management system which enables us to minimize client costs associated with quality issues.

We manufacture wide range of valve replacement parts for the most popular brands used on worldwide basis, including:

Anson, Array, AWC, AXON, AAI
Cameron Iron Works(CIW)
Demco, Douson(CN)
Indeed Oilfiled(Ironflo, CN)
McEvoy, MSP/DRILEX(CN), MSI, MMA(AR), Masterflo(CA)
NOV, Neway(CN)
OCT, Oteco, OEMic
Schlumberger, Swaco, Streamflo(CA)
Tiger Valve(CN)
Thrubore Valve, T3 Energy, TSI
Valveworks, Vetco Grey
WKM, WEIR, Wetco(IR), Willis, WDI , WDS



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Email: sales@ovpco.com

Add: 1688# Longgong Road, Longquanyi District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China